General Tarot Reading, February 2019
February 1, 2019
General Tarot Reading, March 2019
March 1, 2019

What to expect from an online Tarot Reading

From card flipping fumbler to trusted Tarot advisor!

Hand up.  I confess for years I was a Tarot card dabbler.  It was an interest kindled when I was gifted my first Tarot deck at around 8 years of age.  I muddled my way along, conferring with the book, much to the amusement of my high school friends.  I don’t mind telling you I was a very ordinary Tarot card reader, and eventually, after I’d driven everyone crazy, my readings were relegated to being purely for my own curiosity.

Doing a Tarot course was something that was always on my To Do List.  One day…  Well, during 2018, I spent the better part of the year completing a Tarot course and applying for certification.  That’s right, I am now a certified Tarot reader, I have been tested, and am quite pleased with my feedback, scoring a 4.8 stars, out of a possible 5.

While some Tarot readers use the cards for fortune telling or to predict the future, I find this approach self-limiting and fatalistic.  It is my preference to use the wisdom of the Tarot to expand our thinking so we may better harness the power of our free will.  In my opinion, the Tarot serves to clarify a pathway when direction is needed, it offers advice or options in trying times, and acts as a gateway to divine guidance that leads us towards realising our greatest potential.  A question asked of the Tarot will receive answers, bringing an understanding of the energies at play or a deeper insight into the situation.  Acting on the new awareness offered by the Tarot empowers us to effect change and create better outcomes.

As an ethical, certified and professional Tarot Reader, I channel my energy into gaining you the most insightful and empowering reading possible.  It is my role to co-create with you, a reading that offers you a plan of action designed to assist you to take charge of your life and to make the most of every opportunity.  In your Tarot reading we get clear about your desired outcome, the energies that are influencing you, and the potential of the outcomes available to you.

If you decide you’d like an online Tarot reading, you must know that I do not use Tarot cards for fortune telling or to predict the future.  Nor do I offer medical, legal, or financial advice, and I will not attempt to forecast winning lottery numbers, or to make an interpretation on the subject of illness or death.  And I don’t do third party readings or read for those under the age of 18, unless authorised by a parent or legal guardian.

Online Tarot reading rules

  • All Tarot Readings are completed via email –
  • You will be notified when your Tarot reading is accepted and I will complete your reading within 7 days.  Please be mindful there may be a wait.
  • You may ask your question and we will communicate via email to reframe it if necessary.  All questions must comply with my Code of Ethics.  If you are in doubt, please feel free to ask for advice in creating your perfect question via email.
  • All online Tarot readings will be a minimum of three cards.
  • Your Tarot reading fee is payable in advance and payment details will be provided via email.

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