Being relaxing, natural and drug free, hypnotherapy is a powerful way of addressing many concerns

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis for emotional disorders?

At the base level, scientific research now proves our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our behaviours and our behaviour reinforces our thoughts.  If you are suffering with an emotional disorder, our hypnotherapeutic techniques offer relief by helping you to interrupt the thought-feeling-behaviour cycle, alleviating symptoms, allowing you to regain control over your emotional health. 

Can hypnosis help me quit smoking?

Yes, however, it is reliant on your true motivation to be cigarette free.  If you have made a commitment to yourself, for yourself and are prepared to do whatever it takes, you will be among those who quit easily and effectively with hypnotherapy.  If you can still justify reasons to continue your smoking habit, chances are you are not yet ready to take your last puff.

Can hypnosis help me manage my weight?

Hypnosis is a very successful method for weight management.  However, it isn’t a magic wand, you will be required to use your motivation and to put in the necessary effort.  In short, if you are truly motivated, committed to making positive changes for improved health, and doing it for yourself, you will succeed.

Can hypnosis help me manage my pain?

Clinical trial evidence confirms that hypnosis is effective in the reduction of pain intensity levels for those experiencing chronic pain.  Medical imaging studies also show hypnotherapy influences the neuro-physiological processes that underline pain.  The application of hypnosis in current scientific research demonstrates that an individual’s pain perception thresholds, and pain tolerance levels, can be greatly increased.

Are there other uses for hypnosis?

Correctly applied clinical hypnosis has been scientifically proven as an effective way to help to stop gambling, drugs, alcohol and many other embarrassing habits and addictive behaviours.

It has also been successfully used to treat issues associated with sleep and many fears, phobias and obsessions, as well as for motivation, building self-confidence and so much more.

Please note all new clients are required to invest in a course of three sessions of hypnotherapy.  Existing clients are able to book individual follow up sessions.

All hypnotherapy sessions last up to 2 hours.