Photo by DLKR on Unsplash. In Japan, Shinto and Buddhist worshippers write wishes on small wooden plaques, called Ema, and hang them for the spirits to receive.
Of Gratitude and Intentions
December 30, 2021

What we could all use right now. Grounding!

The word ‘grounding’ conjures up many images from being confined to your room by your parents, to being prevented from flying, and even running aground in a boat.  And then there’s the new age version, also referred to as ‘earthing’, which is designed to ground you, or reconnect you physically to the Earth.

In my book though, being grounded involves being completely present in your mind, emotions, body, and spirit.  It’s a holistic practise intended to bring balance to your entire being.

When you are mentally grounded your mind is focussed on right here and right now.  Where you are, and what you are actually doing.  It’s not skipping ahead, or revisiting the past, second guessing, overanalysing, or creating scenarios or conversations in your imagination.

You’re emotionally grounded when you’re patient, calm and thinking before acting.  You allow things to unfold in their own sweet time and aren’t worrying about controlling the outcome.  You trust in your life and are able to go with the flow.  Being spiritually grounded means you are balancing your spiritual practises with your earthly needs and desires.  You’re observant of, and in sync with nature, and comfortable with the material and human aspects of life.  You easily process and take on those spiritual life lessons, integrating them into your human experience.

When you’re physically grounded you are aware of, and listen to, the needs of your body.  You nourish it appropriately and care for it, giving it a balance of physical exercise and rest.  You feel well, and are filled with energy.

If you’ve managed to achieve and maintain your own mental, emotional, physical and spiritual grounding throughout the events of the last few years, including the happenings right now – congratulations.  You’re a Guru.  And you might be fibbing to yourself, because even the most grounded people I know have temporarily tripped up and needed to work hard to get back to their balance.  And that’s OK, because we are all human.

So, what are some simple things you can do to ground yourself?  Journaling assists with mental grounding, as do problem solving puzzles like crossword or sudoku.  Getting organised and planning to get things done also helps, as does practising mindfulness, going for a walk, and cleaning up your diet.  Grounding crystals such as tourmaline, obsidian or hematite can also calm an overemotional state, and meditation is always helpful.

In my humble opinion, one of the most wonderful things, you can do to get some instant grounding happening all round, is to find a green space, kick off your shoes, close your eyes and let your awareness drift to your breathing.  Slow it down and count your breaths to refocus your mind, then drop your awareness to your feet, and feel the earth beneath your soles.  You may even go deeper, imagining roots growing from your feet, down into the earth.  Hear the sounds around you, then let them go.  Stay there as long as you can, 1 minute is great if you are a beginner.

If you’re still struggling and in need of some help, you can contact us at Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy.  We offer holistic and spiritual counselling, complementary therapies such as crystal healing and colour therapy, as well as hypnotherapy and clinical hypnosis.


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