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January 24, 2019
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General Tarot Reading, February 2019

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Note:  I would like to thank the inspiring and beautiful Lorraine Harvey for gifting me this stunning Tarot deck.

This is a general Tarot reading, offering guidance around what you may choose to stop, start or continue during February 2019, to further your self-development.  By engaging in this Tarot reading, you voluntarily agree it is of your free will and desire, accepting full responsibility for any consequent decisions or actions you subsequently take, and hold harmless your Tarot Reader.

Stop – Page of Crystals Reversed

The intelligent Fox is typically an ingenious problem solver, full of ideas and the discipline and focus necessary to see those ideas to fruition.  However, in the reversed position, this card signals that your energy is scattered and your focus is wandering!  As the first card drawn in this spread, this is what you must work on stopping this month as you settle back into your routine.

The Fox is urging you to find the current blockages in your life which are keeping you from achieving your goals.  If you have not engaged in the groundwork of planning or if you are busy daydreaming, it is time for you to either take action to get back on track, or to re-evaluate if those goals are still relevant.  Take a reality check to see if you are chasing short-term frivolous desires or if your target will bring you the sustainable happiness and fulfilment you deserve.

Hard work is always necessary if you wish to manifest your hearts desires.  Re-assess why you chose your goals and re-align them if necessary.  Only then can you recommit and take action!  If you are feeling frustrated with your lack of achievement and progress, take a short break to re-energise and then dive back in with renewed energy.

Start – The Traveller

When following the Page of Crystals reversed, this card suggests that you are chasing your desires in a random and chaotic fashion and that this is what is leading you toward disillusionment.  To get back into your free-spirited adventure and to expand your potential, this month the Traveller is telling you to start following your intuition and to rekindle and indulge in your excitement for what potentially lies ahead.

To the casual observer the nimble, free spirited Gazelle may give the perception of haphazardly zigzagging into the future, however this sure-footed adventurer trusts its own inner guidance and puts its faith in knowing it will land on its feet, thereby embracing its vulnerability.

To further your goals this month, if you have built the solid planned foundation, as per the advice of the Fox, you may now take your leap of faith and gracefully bound like the Gazelle, into your new endeavour, flowing with whatever the terrain.

Continue – Seven of Feathers

Now you have dispensed with your blockages and embraced your new adventure, the Cheetah is reminding you to continue to engage your natural abilities and strength, and to tenaciously work at mastering these aspects of yourself.

Again, like the Fox, if you have re-focused your energy and refined your plan, you are now armed with the foresight of potential pitfalls, and Cheetah will guide you like the instinctive warrior she is.  As well as her speed, Cheetah is armed with keen eyesight and is swift to adapt to any issues on the horizon.  She will keep you ahead of the game and reveal to you any deception.

As you start to flow Gazelle-like with the excitement of your new adventure, exploring your potential, Cheetah bounds beside you, prepared, doubling your intuition and resourcefulness.  She will help you to continue to faithfully observe all the angles, and look to your inner guidance, so you will instinctively know which steps on your adventure yield the best results.

Cheetah reinforces the messages of Fox and Gazelle by guiding you to focus on your goals and assisting you to reach your potential with ease and grace.

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