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February 14, 2019
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March 21, 2019

General Tarot Reading, March 2019

Deck: Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

This is a general Tarot reading for all, offering insight around what opportunities, challenges and possible outcomes you may experience during March 2019.  This Tarot guidance is for you to use to further your own self-development.  By engaging in this Tarot reading, you voluntarily agree it is of your free will and desire, accepting full responsibility for any consequent decisions or actions you subsequently take, and therefore you hold harmless your Tarot Reader.

I am still loving this Tarot deck of animal helpers <3, thank you again Lorraine Harvey.

Before I begin, this reading I’d also like to give a shout out to Michelle Gould, From Earth to Hearth, for the stunning malachite she gifted to me many years ago.  When I read, I always have this piece with me and I forgot to include it in my February photo.  Michelle is my “go to girl” for all of my crystal and herb needs, and is someone I will highly recommend.


The suit of Acorns relates to the Fire element, symbolising inspiration and will.  Acorns embody, personal growth, inner strength and your limitless potential.  This month, by way of opportunities and challenges, is a double prompt to rekindle your motivation and resolve.  In the outcome position is the major arcana card, The Hermit, who is showing you the value of introspection during this time.  To clarify what may seem to be ambiguous messages, the Ace of Feathers signifying the element of Air, intellect and understanding, flew from the deck to support the messages offered, highlighting personal power, freedom of energy and ideas, and the potential in a new adventure.

Opportunities – Nine of Acorns

The Nine of Acorns may be appearing at a time when you are feeling exhausted with the continuous challenges mounting before you.  Bearing scrapes and bruises, each time you see your goal within your grasp, you encounter yet another hurdle to overcome.  As this card represents the opportunities surrounding you this month, resilient Panther, is encouraging you to do whatever it takes to get to finish line.

Panther is always prepared for any opposition.  She is a symbol of power, determination, faith, and of mystery, and when you walk those darker paths of doubt, it is she who watches over you and guides you safely through your fears, back to your own position of power.  She knows this is but a test and that with each setback you become stronger.  By persevering, patiently remaining on guard, and stepping forward, you will reach your desired goals in spite of your detractors.  You have but to be proactive in setting your boundaries, and assert yourself, clearly communicating your current needs.

Challenges – Six of Acorns

While Panther is queen of the shadows, the regal Elk signifies celebrating your successes in the light.  The message from Elk is to honour yourself as you walk your path, being mindful of where you give of your energy, so that you protect yourself from burn out.  He says you must focus with enthusiasm on what brings you closer to manifesting your dreams, and directs you to go at your own steady pace.  You will triumph when you recognise that you have within all you need to realise your destiny, so you must learn to trust in the guidance of your intuition.  Again, Elk, echoing Panther, advises persistence and belief in yourself will see you through, while also providing inspiration to others.

The concentration of your energy on one target may present a challenge to you this month, with additional distraction arriving in the form of outside attention.  Perhaps this attention is unwanted or you feel it adds extra pressure on you to you achieve.  Elk is telling you to embrace this recognition in a positive manner and to harness it to boost your confidence and to spur you on.  He reinforces Panther, that this is not the time to indulge in fear or guilt, rather it is time to believe in who you are, and your accomplishments so far.

Outcome – The Hermit

The Hermit, as a major arcana card, usually represents a key life lesson that is currently playing out.  In this situation, learning the value of withdrawal and introspection leads you back to balance.  With all of the grit and determination expended in the pursuit of your opportunities, and the energy utilised in maintaining your position of attainment, a period of repose to review and assess, is of tremendous benefit.

As you can see, Koala comfortably rests in the safety of his tree, high above the calamity of the world, calmly observing, in his solitude.  In his seclusion, he is able to still his mind and connect to the universal energy and his higher wisdom, to contemplate, and therefore rejuvenate.  Koala is encouraging you to take the time to withdraw from the many distractions surrounding you, and to collect your thoughts and find your inner balance.  From this place of introspection, you will find the answers that you seek.

By engaging in time out, you create the space to embark on a journey of self-discovery where you may truly examine your innermost desires, motivations, or your values, beliefs and principles.  Here you will learn about your true self and perhaps confront your shadow self.

*These last two points are a direct message for someone(s);  Firstly, if you find yourself moving in a new direction, meditation may assist in clarifying those as yet missing details, and secondly, The Hermit may indicate the presence in your life of a spiritual mentor, who will teach you how to look within.

Clarifier – Ace of Feathers

Goat burst from the deck to provide clarification for those of you who hesitate to look within.  He heralds the arrival of new energy from intellectual realms, a penny-dropping moment, now that you have clear eyes and a calm mind, following your rest with Koala.  Goat also recommends meditation to combat your mind chatter, thus making your intellectual potential attainable.

Surefooted Goat is skilled in rocky terrain and he encourages you to follow the guidance of Koala to explore those aspects of yourself that you secrete in darkness.  Goat shows you how to build your confidence, while your mind is expanding to achieve new heights, and how to create a stable foundation on which to stand.  By engaging some self-discipline and thinking things through, you will receive that clarification you seek and therefore progress.  Your new adventure will be prosperous, you need only to trust in yourself and to proceed with truth and conviction.


Panther is reminding you of your inner power and the need to persevere so you won’t miss your chance, while Elk highlights what challenges your accomplishments.  Both Panther and Elk embody the hard yards and determination essential to reaching your dreams, and that the trials perceived in maintaining them change with differing perspective.  Koala advises the need to learn to withdraw, to contemplate your opportunities and challenges and in that introspection, the unseen wisdom will be illuminated.  Agile Goat supports the message of Panther and Elk, to be persistent with your efforts and honour yourself as you reach your goals, so as to build your self-confidence and inner strength, while also reinforcing the advice of Koala, that freedom of energy, ideas and potential, is realised by spending time exploring your inner world.