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The Low Self-Esteem Identity

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We’ve written before about hypnosis for low self-esteem, and how harnessing the power of your thoughts and beliefs can positively transform the way you see yourself.  So, no doubt you already have a good idea that low self-esteem is a negative overall opinion of yourself and your personal worth, and that these beliefs become the truths of your identity.

So let’s talk instead about the often crushing impacts of this emotional prison and just how hypnotherapy can help you find the key to freedom.

Impact of Low Self-Esteem

If you struggle with self-esteem issues, you probably describe yourself using more negative words than positive.  Maybe you’re self-critical about your actions and capabilities or perhaps you even make jokes at your own expense.  You might put yourself down, or doubt and blame yourself when things go wrong.  Compliments could be difficult to take and often brushed off or dismissed, as you focus more on your mistakes.

Possibly you expect to have no luck or good fortune and you often feel sad, depressed, anxious, guilty, ashamed, frustrated or angry.  Perhaps you struggle to speak up, avoid opportunities or act overly aggressive to compensate.

In your daily life, your low self-esteem may impair your work or education performance, causing you to achieve less than you’re capable of, and the fear of not doing well, may even lead you not to try at all.  On the other hand, perhaps you are an extremely hard worker, who takes on more, to cover up for your perceived lack of skill, pushing yourself to far.

In personal relationships, those besieged by low self-esteem might be people pleasers, take criticism or disapproval badly, and display shyness or self-consciousness.  Some may avoid social contact or withdraw from intimacy and even be bullied or abused by partners or family members.  Recreational activities may be non-existent, believing having fun is undeserved, and any competitive events resulting in evaluation or judgement of performance may be shied away from.

Self-care can also be adversely affected, with some low self-esteem sufferers engaging in excessive alcohol or drug abuse and their personal grooming may also fall short.  Conversely, every detail of their appearance may be meticulously attended to in a quest cover any feelings of inadequacy.

Hypnosis for Low Self-Esteem

If you experience low self-esteem, you will have formed repetitive, damaging thought patterns, which manifest as unhelpful behaviours, resulting in a flawed core belief system.  Each time you feel vulnerable, negative patterns of thoughts, behaviours and emotions trigger, reinforcing your low self-esteem.

Using hypnotherapy, those thought patterns are interrupted, allowing the layers of doubt and insecurity to fall away, so you can rebuild stronger, balanced, healthy patterns and behaviours.  Addressing low self-esteem often removes barriers to achieving other goals too, such as freedom from anxiety, weight loss, quitting smoking, responsible drinking, nail biting, etc.

At Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy, we specialise in treating low self-esteem, assisting countless men and women to identify and maintain their peaceful balance.  If you’d like to discuss your specific needs, feel free to give us a call.

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