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February 24, 2016
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January 15, 2018

Quitting Smoking with Hypno?  Read this…

Expensive cigarettes and scattered ontop of piles of Australian money.

Expensive cigarettes and scattered ontop of piles of Australian money.

What a busy couple of weeks!  We’ve been inundated by smokers wanting to kick their habit in the butt since the media reported that soon a pack of ciggies will reach $40.00.

Sadly for some smokers though, we’ve turned them away.  Why?  Because we feel they just aren’t committed.  Before we give you some tips to help you get ready, let us tell you a couple of things to think about before you decide on hypnosis to help.

  1. Do we give a guarantee?   Neither does your doctor or the drug company who manufactures that quit smoking medication.
  2. Can I just do one session?   Our program is a minimum of three.
  3. Do I have to do the homework?   No home work, no hypno.

Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy is serious about helping our clients achieve their desired results.  If you can still justify reasons to continue smoking, you are wasting our time and your money.  Your quitting does not come down to our skill as hypnotists, it is about you and your commitment to beat the bumpers.

To help you get ready, read on:

  1. Set yourself a date to quit and keep quiet about it.
  2. Make a heartfelt list of reasons for quitting. Things like, “I hate waking up and coughing my lungs up”, rather than “My partner wants me to stop.”
  3. Keep a diary of your habit for a week. Include when you smoke, where, what you do while smoking (eg. drink coffee, do the crossword) and why you’re smoking (eg. stressed, bored, socialising).
  4. If you are quitting with hypnosis, plan and schedule your appointments in advance.
  5. Pre-prepare for your success by throwing away all of your smoking related paraphernalia, eg cigarettes, ashtrays, lighters, etc. If you smoke in your car, clean it out.
  6. Plan to limit alcohol – THIS IS A MAJOR RISK FACTOR.
  7. Don’t have your last cigarette on the way to your first appointment.

Lastly, if you have had previous quit smoking hypnosis, just know that the way we do it may be different.  This is because we are more qualified than your average hypnotherapist 😉

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