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June 14, 2018
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Just what is Holistic Healing?

Holistic living embraces care for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies while living harmoniously within our environment.

The term holistic is adapted from the word ‘whole’.  In a healing context it implies that a treatment is applied to the person as a whole, that is, to their body, mind, heart and spirit (energy), as well as to their lifestyle, rather than focussing on just one aspect.  This facilitates the achievement and maintenance of optimum health.

As each person is considered to have an innate healing capability, holistic healing encourages the client to take responsibility for their own health and treatment, by integrating natural, esoteric and conventional treatments, customised to meet their unique and individual needs.  The body is considered to heal through the six senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, smell and knowing or intuition (the psychic sense).

The practice of assessing health in holistic terms is ancient in its origins, and can be traced back to Socrates in the 4th Century BC.  Healing via the sense of sight or the eyes, involved colour and light therapy, the sense of sound or hearing, entailed the use of music, singing or chanting, while taste related to diet, homeopathy and naturopathy, touch, to massage and energy healing and smell was connected to aromatherapy.  The intuitive sense, or ‘knowing’, involved exploration of spiritual awareness, exploring the concept of destiny and the soul, and the development of the subconscious mind and gaining of wisdom.

To live a holistic lifestyle, of harmony within self, spirit, humanity, the Earth and universe, there must first be an awareness of the connection between all aspects of self and other living beings, and an acknowledgment of this through everyday thoughts and actions.  Every thought and emotion has an effect upon the immediate environment and an influence on the extended environment.  To create a holistic lifestyle, you must combine care of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual bodies, by living in harmony with your environment and living by Earthly and universal cycles.

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