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July 12, 2018
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October 11, 2018

Hypnotherapy for emotional disorders

The spectrum of emotional disorders includes stress, grief and loss, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, anger management, fear, phobias, obsessions, self-esteem issues and post-traumatic stress.

At the base level, scientific research now proves our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our behaviour, and our behaviour reinforces our thoughts.  So, if you are suffering with an emotional disorder, our hypnotherapeutic techniques offer relief by helping you to interrupt the thought-feeling-behaviour cycle, which alleviates symptoms and allows you to regain control over your emotional health.

Before we engage in hypnotherapy, there is, without exception, a discussion with all of our clients surrounding proper diagnosis, their personal history, and their current treatment regime.  As hypnotherapy is an adjunctive treatment, we request clients first discuss hypnotherapy as an option with their GP, Psychologist and where appropriate their Psychiatrist.

Frequently, our clients are disillusioned with their conventional treatment, feeling as if their recovery has stalled, and sometimes they express a desire to stop taking medication.  In all cases, we advise clients to never make changes to their treatment plan unless it is under the supervision of their treating medical providers.  We are also available to liaise with treating medical professionals as necessary.

We do not offer medical advice – ever. We offer advice regarding hypnotherapy.

What results can you expect?

Post initial consultation, most clients report a feeling of peace and relaxation they have not experienced in a long time.  Often there is a sensation that a weight has been lifted from them and sense of hopefulness.  The experience of an emotional disorder is different for everyone, and results will vary depending on factors like the severity of the condition and the client’s motivation to get well.

Like any treatment, there is no ‘miraculous cure’ or ‘quick fix’ offered by hypnotherapy and we encourage all of our clients to persist in taking, those sometimes small, and incremental steps back to a state of wellbeing.  Our aim is to complement existing treatment plans and to assist in restoring our clients to their optimum health.

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