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August 9, 2018
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November 17, 2018

So how are those Core Beliefs working for you?

You are the creator of your life.  Yes, YOU.

We are the creators of our own reality.  Every action, experience, and interaction is brought into being by the energy of our thoughts and words, either solely or collectively.

Have you ever noticed that when you worry about something happening, it often does?  For example, you’re going on holidays and you tell yourself it’ll be just your luck to get sick.  And you do.

Your beliefs and self-talk are powerful energy that can assist you with any personal change or improvement, desired or feared.  But it’s not just as easy as stating a few positives in your moment of need.  A complete and consistent state of mind is required and this often means challenging out dated core beliefs that you were raised on or that were created through your experiences.

Let me tell you about a recent enquiry.  The caller wanted hypnosis for weight loss; they had lost a substantial number of kilos in the past but had put them, and more, back on.  When asked what had caused this, the caller answered that they had just lost motivation.  As the conversation went on a core belief appeared:  “I have no motivation.  I just need motivation because I know I can do it, but then I think why bother, I’ll just put it all back on again”.

I suggested to the caller that they had created a self-fulfilling prophecy and it would be a waste of their money and my time to just motivate them, rather I felt that some work around core beliefs first may offer a more favourable lasting change.

No, this caller wanted a quick fix in one session.  Sixty minutes of their time was reasonable to change a whole lifetime of habits and associated beliefs.  Needless to say I am a serious therapist and I declined to work with this caller because I know a negative core belief cannot be released if the client believes that its benefits far outweigh it challenges, and in this case there were perceived lifestyle benefits.

Any potential future client of Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy must know that self-work takes time.  I am not interested in ripping clients off and neither am I interested in damaging my credibility as a therapist.  I also have no intention of being another “thing” ticked off a bucket list of things, that can be relegated to the “well that didn’t work” list.

For the majority of people, a lifetime of complex issues is not unravelled overnight to create an enduring positive change.  I thank the clients that I have worked with, who have been chipping away at their “stuff” for months, indeed years.  You are already reaping the benefits of a happier, more peaceful life that you are no longer trying to escape from.  Kudos to you.

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