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Holistic Counselling: Mainstream and Alternative

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Want to get off the seesaw and find your true centre?

Holistic Counselling brings you closer to balance through a combination of esoteric wisdom, energy healing and traditional counselling techniques, creating harmony between the mind, heart and soul, so you can experience more joy, peace, and passion in your life and relationships.

This style of counselling helps you find your unique key to a fulfilling life by delving into the heart of everyday issues, such as changing limiting attitudes and outdated core beliefs, releasing judgements, healing the inner child, finding forgiveness and learning to let go, to creating happiness, preventing stress, overcoming heartbreak, setting healthy boundaries, and so much more.

What happens during a Holistic Counselling consultation?

Our Initial Consultation is an in-depth interview which is devoted entirely to gathering a full client history and the development of a comprehensive treatment plan.  We discuss the issue that has brought you to counselling, what triggers it, and the impacts it has upon your life.  In the true sense of the word ‘holistic’, we assess physical concerns, any surfacing emotional patterns, and recurring thoughts, self-talk, worries or fears.  Time permitting an energy balance may also be undertaken.

Follow up consultations involve a combination of counselling and situation appropriate complementary therapies such as meditation, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, crystal healing, colour therapy and energy healing. Oh, and you also get homework to ensure the gains you make are embedded within your daily life.

We all want more joy, peace and passion in our lives and engaging a Holistic Counselling approach can definitely lead you to greater health, wellbeing, happiness and fulfilment across all areas of life.

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