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November 8, 2015
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Unhealthy? Unhappy? Overweight?

We are constantly asked about our weight management hypnosis and what we offer, which is a very difficult question to answer.  Not because we like to be obscure or elusive, but because we don’t know exactly what has contributed to your situation.

So to answer some common questions, yes hypnosis works well for weight loss, not it’s not a magic wand, yes, you will be required to use your motivation and to put in the necessary effort.  In short, if you are truly motivated, committed to making positive changes for improved health, and doing it for yourself, you will succeed.

Please Note:  We do not do one session weight management hypnosis.

What we offer:

6 sessions of tailored weight management hypnosis of one hour duration, conducted over 6 consecutive weeks.

Cost: $550 (includes a discount of $50)

Conditions apply:

  • The package expires 3 months after date of purchase.
  • Payment for half of the program must be made to confirm your booking.
  • Service fee is forfeit for non-attendance or cancellation without 24 hours notice.
  • Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy reserves the right to remove you from the program at any time.  A pro-rata refund will be issued less any discount offered.

Prior to attendance:

  • You should visit with your GP to rule out any medical issues that may be relating to your weight concern.
  • Identify an eating style suitable for you.  (Eg. Clean Eating, Paleo, Raw, Vegan, Atkins, etc).
  • For your chosen eating style, know what foods to eat and research healthy portion sizes.
  • Develop and menu plan and shopping list.
  • Clear out your cupboards of junk or processed foods and go shopping you’re your chosen healthier options.
  • Build time into your schedule for daily exercise.
  • Keep an accurate Food, Mood and Exercise diary for a week.

Plan to succeed:

  • The more organised you are, the more chance you have of success.
  • Learn how to read and understand labels on food items to identify hidden calories.
  • Make sure your Food, Mood and Exercise diary is honest.  There is no judgment, it is what it is, and shows us exactly where to start.
  • Aim for at least half an hour exercise each day.  Start gently and increase gradually.

About Us

Blending traditional hypnosis with science and spirit is our forte at Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy, Muswellbrook.  You can find out more at, like us on FaceBook, email or call M:  0427 431 567.