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November 20, 2019
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That’s nice, but how are you, REALLY?

This a Care Callout.   R  U  OK?

Let’s get the statements regarding the obvious out of the way.  2020 so far, has been a doozey…  Droughts, water restrictions, bushfires, Corona virus, and most recently the global unrest sparked by racism…  Yes, this is an over simplified summary, but hey, we’ve all lived it, and as it’s still fresh, I assume an in-depth reminder is unnecessary.

What I want to know is, how are YOU, really?  Are you thriving?  Or are you just surviving?

It’s ok.  These are crazy times.  We’ve gone from relative freedom, to lockdown.  Many of us have had financial turmoil.  Some struggled with social isolation.  Every day food and grocery items were hoarded.  Others made adjustments to work from home, scarily online for the first time.  Some industries were forced into non-negotiable shut downs.  Other businesses somersaulted into new ways to deliver goods and services.  However it was for you, it’s true we were all caught up in the ebb and flow of daily unease.

Regardless of your perspective, you can’t argue that in recent times we’ve all had a ring-side seat to the best and worst of human behaviour, and our world leaders have not always provided an exemplary example.

Now, as we hold our collective breath, and wait to see if there will be a second wave, I’m interested to know, what support do YOU need most, right now?

While you consider that, let me give a voice to the issues clients have been bringing to clinic.  First up, are people whose self-worth has really taken a sucker-punch.  These are the people who had their livelihoods restricted, and worse, were labelled “non-essential”.  Being among the previously long-term employed and self-reliant, these folks really felt a loss of self-confidence.  Their independence was under threat, and they shared a growing tendency to worry, with a focus on feelings of insecurity.

Another group of clients could be referred to as the newly afraid.  They’d never really battled with anxiety or fear in the past, but due to the current situation, these people were now truly scared for their future, and the uncertainty of their place in the evolving “new world”.  Next, and understandably, the pandemic also sparked a retriggering of stress, anxiety, depression, and anger, in those already diagnosed and suffering, and they too called out for help.

Other clients reaching out, were similarly overwhelmed, but by suppressed mental and emotional traumas from the past, and included first responders and frontline services personnel, as well as childhood abuse and domestic violence survivors, and those with unresolved loneliness and grief.

Here’s how we are able to assist these clients.

Our goal always is to return you to a state of calm.  When you’re calm, you’re in control of yourself, and your life.  And you feel good.  To do this we show you how your negative unconscious core beliefs override your thoughts and feelings, and how they influence your behaviour patterns.  Then we end them.  No more self-sabotaging.  Next, we address the issues from your past, or present, that are your greatest triggers, and lastly, we go on to create with you, the bright future you deserve and desire.

So, tell me, what is it YOU need, to help you move from just surviving to thriving?

Feel free to correct me, but it’s probably safe to say, even if most of your lifestyle was undisrupted during the first part of this year, you didn’t get away completely unscathed.  For a lot of us, there was a lot of time to think, and a lot came up to think about.

If you’ve found yourself recently battling a rising tide of emotions, such as anger, sadness, fear, guilt, shame, or whatever, know that we can help you resolve this.  Better still, we offer a free, confidential, face to face consultation to answer all of the questions you no doubt have.  This will help you decide if you want to work with us, and vice versa.

Whether it’s a maintenance top up you need, or a complete transformation, we’re up for it.  Are you?

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