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Spirit Attachment and Invasive Energy Hypnosis

What is a Spirit Attachment or Invasive Energy?

Since human history began, the existence of discarnate spirits has been acknowledged.  Shamans from the Neolithic period were known to drive spirits out of places and people to cure physical and mental illness and many modern religions also describe these phenomena.

Nowadays well qualified medical specialists are researching this emerging field, which encompasses:

  • Discarnate spirits (ghosts or lost souls) who remain on the Earth plane for many reasons.
  • Thought forms which are psychic entities, ranging from a “complex” to a poltergeist, that separate from you to develop a life of its own.
  • Negative energy and psychic attack, deliberate or unintentional, where you find yourself the subject of destructive energy directed towards you, manifesting as physical or emotional disturbances.
  • Cords, which are energetic ties to our past stopping us from letting go and preventing the other party from being free.
  • Earth energies, including imprints and Elementals or nature spirits.

What are the Reported Symptoms?

Note:  You must always consult your treating medical practitioner first as many of these symptoms can be indicative of serious medical conditions.  Only where medical causes are eliminated the impact of the subconscious and unconscious mind can be explored.

The most common signs of this phenomenon include:

  • Low energy levels
  • Character shifts or mood swings
  • Inner voices speaking to you
  • Abuse of drugs and alcohol
  • Impulsive behaviour
  • Unexplained bursts of anger, sadness, fear, phobias or panic
  • Memory, concentration problems and confusion
  • Sudden onset of mental and/or physical problems with no obvious cause
  • Wondering… Did I say/do that?
  • Feeling like… “This isn’t me”

What Happens in Spirit Attachment and Invasive Energy Hypnosis?

Under hypnosis the invasive energy is gently detached from the client and returned to its source.

Case Study – Anna

Anna, in her mid 30s, attended with a binge drinking issue she was embarrassed about and wanted desperately to stop.  She explained that she was afraid to drink alcohol socially as she found if she started she could not stop.  Anna said she didn’t even enjoy the taste which was why she binged only on a Saturday evening.  She described drinking every drop of alcohol in the house and even resorted to drinking ingredients from the pantry with a high alcohol content, stopping only when she passed out.

While Anna attempted to resist drinking on a Saturday evening, she outlined a sense of panic that welled up inside and found it difficult to recall pouring her first drink.  She finished her story shaking her head sadly, saying “this just isn’t me”.  Prior to attending Anna had discussed hypnosis with her GP.

Hypnotherapeutic Intervention

Anna was regressed back to just prior to her last binge drinking episode and described coming home from work Saturday afternoon and being determined that she was not having a drink.  In fact, there was no alcohol in the house and she refused to get any even though friends were coming over for a barbeque.

Later that afternoon as she prepared food, she found herself hanging up the telephone after calling her guests to pick her up some drinks on their way.  Anna was unsure how or why she made that telephone call and asking her to examine more closely at the events leading up to the call she exclaimed “there’s someone else here!”

In exploring this “someone else” Anna was able to provide personal details, unprompted, of a male, in his early 20’s who had passed from a motor vehicle accident.  He had been intoxicated at the time and now found himself confused and “stuck” here.  Around this same time Anna was in hospital recovering after having her appendix removed, making good use of the pain relief medication.  This spirit found he was able to gain some respite in attaching to Anna as she used her medication and over time found it easy to have her drink to excess, even if it was only one night a week.

Whilst still under hypnosis, a negotiation took place convincing this spirit to leave Anna and cross over to where he should rightfully be.  To assist, Anna (who is of Christian faith) called Arch Angel Michael for assistance and at the spirit’s insistence also called for his much loved dog Abe to come and show him the way.

A week later Anna reported that she no longer had any compulsion to drink to excess and had successfully resumed her previous pattern of 3 alcoholic drinks of a Saturday evening.  To this day she remains firmly in control of this issue.

Last Word

Spirit Attachment is not possession or in any way ‘demonic’.  In fact the modern version of this therapy was created by Dr William Baldwin (deceased) who was also a practising Minister.

The therapeutic relevance of this therapy has been explored and verified by numerous medical professionals including Medical Doctors, Psychologists and Psychiatrists.

At no time does a Hypnotherapist suggest to the client that they have an attachment, the client always identifies this phenomenon themselves.

We understand this therapy could be considered controversial, and in support of this, a brief list of references is provided below:

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