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February 17, 2021
‘Let Go and Live’
March 1, 2021

Just Imagine…

When anxious, stressed and depressed people come in for their Complimentary Consultation the conversation always turns to ‘What if I can’t be hypnotised?’

I tell them that almost 10 years ago we started out trading 20 minute hypnotic experiences for a donation to dog rescue in a bustling market stall, with two musicians competing over separate loudspeakers, and the occasional jackhammer.  So, I haven’t met anyone who I couldn’t hypnotise yet, provided they are willing.

Willing, because I don’t want to force anyone to do anything they’re uncomfortable with, that’s the whole purpose of our Complimentary Consultation.  You get to size me up to see if I am someone you gel with and trust enough to work with, and I get to ask you questions to see what’s the best approach for you, and to work out if you are actually at the starting line, or need additional assistance to get you there.

The old layman’s theory of only weak-minded people can be hypnotised is fear-based rubbish.  To be hypnotised, you don’t need to do anything except use your imagination.  And everyone has an imagination.

If I asked you to imagine a tree, you could.  It doesn’t matter what kind of tree.  If I asked you to imagine a beach, you know what one looks like, it doesn’t matter if it’s Bondi or Nobbys.  If I asked you to imagine a cake, it’s of little consequence if that cake is chocolate, carrot or cheesecake.

The point is, you have an imagination and you use it every day.  And I have to tell you honestly, anxious and depressed people have the BEST imaginations.  My anxious clients tell me they are always imagining and worrying about what might happen, while my depressed clients are still vividly using their imaginations to live in their past.

If I now turned that question ‘What if I can’t be hypnotised?’ into ‘What if I CAN be hypnotised?’ just imagine the life enriching possibilities!


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