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October 26, 2015
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Fertilizer for thought – The Big 6 Hypnotic Myths

I am often told clients are a little fearful of hypnosis, you know, because of the old cluck like a chicken routine?  So, below I offer you 6 of the most popular receptacles of fertilizer, containers of excrement, or if you will, crocks of shite, many people believe about hypnosis.

1        I can’t be hypnotised, my mind is too strong.

Mistake!  The biggest misconception is that only weak-minded people can be hypnotised.  Experiencing hypnosis has absolutely nothing to do with how strong or weak you believe your mind to be.  If you have a desire to go into a trance, you will.

2        Hypnosis is just like sleep.

Wrong.  Hypnosis is all about heightened awareness and concentration.  EEG results show the brainwaves of a person in hypnosis to be very alert and responsive.  Clients are relaxed and peaceful, rather than asleep.

3        Hypnosis is mind control.

Rubbish.  If asked for your PIN and your ATM card whilst in hypnosis, you can tell the hypnotist to get lost, or just plain lie about your number.  You can hear what is going on around you and you are far from helpless.  You are still very much in touch with your morals and values and would not give up your deepest darkest secrets involuntarily.

4        You can get stuck in hypnosis.

Yeah…Nope.  You can’t get stuck in sleep, so why would you become stuck in hypnosis?  This is simply not possible.

5        Hypnosis is a one session cure.

This is a perilous claim.  No decent hypnotist should ever claim they can cure anyone of anything, no matter how great their results.  Hypnosis and hypnotherapy are complementary therapies and are not a one session wonder.  The truth is, lasting change takes time and a client should be prepared to commit to at least 6 sessions.

6        Hypnosis helps find forgotten memories.

Hollywood hyperbole!  You simply cannot reliably find details you have forgotten.  If you have forgotten them there may be a good reason and searching to fill in the gaps can lead to False Memory Syndrome.

If your imagination has been fertilised and soil of your life enriched by this weeding out of hypno-misconceptions, I’ll hang my shovel and be off.

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