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Tarot, it’s not necessarily what you think!

A card for you, for the season.

Some of my high school friends may recall I used to dabble with Tarot cards, an interest that was kindled when I was around 8 years old. Well, this year I decided to make an honest reader out of myself and completed a certified course. That’s right, I am now a certified Tarot reader, I have been tested, and am quite pleased with my feedback, scoring a 4.8 stars, out of a possible 5 stars.

Since completing my studies, I am so grateful to have been gifted a most beautiful Tarot deck, thank you Lorraine Harvey, and more recently, as foxes seem to be a recurring theme, a stunning Oracle deck, from Cristyn Franks.

Following on from my earlier post, regarding The Little Prince, which incidentally also involves a fox, I decided to celebrate my Tarot victory by drawing a card for the season which links nicely to the theme of Litha. Drumroll please…

This card, entitled “The Richness Within”, is from Foxfire The Kitsune Oracle by Lucy Cavendish, with amazing artwork by Meredith Dillman.

The message:

“Each of us has worlds within us, ideas that swirl and dance, thoughts of depth and beauty, feelings about events in our lives, and in the life of the world, which often are never born into the world that lies beyond the border of the self. There are feelings deemed too strong, too sad, too difficult for others to hear. We do not want to be rejected or thought ill of, so we keep so much within. It is within our private moments that we can explore these ideas, let them be free, and see what can come of them.

This card is your sign to give some of the beautiful wealth of ideas and thoughts, all the words and feelings unspoken, their freedom at last. For with you now is a safe place, akin to this place where a Kitsune, in the form of a girl, allows her own creative and deep thoughts their release. And as they tumble about in their newfound freedom, she will find that they have purpose and value, meaning and lie beyond that of her mind. Likewise, you too, Seeker, will now find a safe place to release, expand, share, and wonder out loud. And although there will be sadness, and there will be feelings that so many others avoid, it is time for you to allow these feelings their moment to grow outside of yourself. All that you have held within is no longer taboo, no longer forbidden. It is part of the rich path of our humanity. And you are encouraged now to find a safe space, a safe friend, a nourishing place and environment, to speak the many wonders that lie within you into the world, and in so doing, enrich it beyond measure.”

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