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Past Life Regression Therapy

One of the unique differences between Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy and our competitors is that we are experienced in a variety of hypnotic methods. While some of our styles of hypnosis are scientifically supported, satisfying our need for evidence that they work, some methods, such as past life regression are a purely spiritual experience. But before you write it off, just because there is no scientific proof validating past lives, be aware that there is an avalanche of anecdotal evidence backing up this therapy.

That’s right, past life regression is a therapy.

Why would you want to experience a past life regression?

At some stage in life most of us begin to question our existence. We may wonder why am I here, why do I always feel stuck, do I have a spirit guide or a guardian angel, why do I feel connected to a particular place or era? Maybe you’re curious to know if you’ve lived before and who you were. Perhaps in your present life you are plagued with fears, phobias, illness or other blockages that are of uncertain origins? Past life regression therapy has assisted many clients to unravel issues of this kind and effectively transform their lives.

What happens in a past life regression?

As with any hypnosis, individuals experience a hypnotic trance in different ways. Some clients have great visual images, some get strong feelings, and others hear messages. Clients who are completely relaxed and comfortable in trance often receive all three.

If you choose to venture into your past lives, a deep trance state will guide you to connect with your higher wisdom, or immortal essence, leading to a deeper understanding of yourself in your current life. Whilst in this state, connections and contracts made with those present in your life today may be uncovered, providing powerful learning opportunities.

Where you may have carried energetic imprints or patterns from the past into this lifetime, you will be able to engage therapeutic techniques to clear these aspects which no longer serve.

How long does it take?

Past Life Regression Therapy with Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy takes between 2 to 3 hours.

Can anyone do past life regression?

If you have never experienced hypnosis you can still choose to engage in Past Life Regression Therapy. In this instance Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy recommends that you consider undertaking one or two hypnosis sessions beforehand as this will enrich your experience. Occasionally, other issues will surface for a client, which prevents the exploration of a past life. If this occurs, these issues will need to be cleared first, and may take up the entire session.

Our results?

We have never had Cleopatra or Elvis grace our chair, however over they years we have had a variety of interesting and informative guests. These include builders of the pyramids, Knights Templar, starving children who were coal miners, soldiers from WW1, WW2 and the American Civil War, colonial housewives, a Germanic woodsman, a Prophet, African slaves, Roman soldiers and Greek goat herders to name a few.

For each client, these past lives offered valid insights into current life patterns. In some instances, clients were able to later research names and places and substantiate details gained. In all cases feedback indicated clients had made lasting, positive changes in their current life situations due to the wisdom received.

About us?

Blending traditional hypnosis with spirit and science is our forte at Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy, Muswellbrook. You can find out more at www.whisperedwisdom.com.au, like us on FaceBook or feel free to email lee@whisperedwisdom.com.au.