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July 17, 2019
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September 19, 2019

Hypnotherapy for Trauma! How does that work?

Scratching your head at how the words hypnotherapy and trauma are even in the same sentence?

By now you may have heard the news that we are specialising in the field of trauma, and perhaps you’re even scratching your head at how the words hypnotherapy and trauma are even in the same sentence.  To make it easier to grasp, lets replace the word “trauma” with the phrase “distressing events”.

As I’ve said many times over, the majority of our clients are struggling with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and PTSD, with each of these disorders manifesting in a variety of ways, for example some clients present with anger or rage issues, others with addiction, sleeplessness, physical pain, and so on.

So what if, just for a moment, you considered that the PTSD, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc, ARE THE SYMPTOMS, rather than the disorder?  Then that would make the true underlying issue the “distressing events” (or trauma) that has occurred throughout your life, right?  Mental and emotional trauma is after all unprocessed pain, or in even plainer terms, it’s the shit that’s happened.

Now if you do consider the anxiety, depression, or PTSD as the symptoms of those “distressing events”, are we more often than not treating the symptoms, with medication, counselling, or similar, rather than targeting the “distressing events”?

For example, let’s say Ben was at work at the local petrol station when an armed robbery occurred.  Consequently, Ben is now experiencing ongoing disrupted sleep, anger, anxiety, and panic attacks and is abusing alcohol.  He is being treated with medication for his anxiety and sleeplessness, and is receiving counselling to address his addiction.  So far, so good.  Or is it…?

Counselling has shown Ben, in his reasoning mind, that the robbery is over, however unconsciously and physically, Ben continues to react as though he is still in that moment the knife was held to his throat.  Why?  Well, in very, very simplistic terms, the brain is overwhelmed and the event is not taken for storage in the long-term memory so it continues to replay, keeping Ben in fight, flight or freeze mode, as if the robbery is still in progress, and he is not safe.

If you’ve stuck with me this far, you might be wanting to know just how does our hypnotherapy for trauma assist?

Briefly, what we do is collapse the replaying “distressing event” or trauma, thereby relieving the symptoms, and creating the space for healing to occur.  We do this in three to four safe, effective, and long-lasting sessions, that does not retraumatise our clients, but instead guides them to know, feel and accept, in their mind and their body, the trauma is over and they are safe now.

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