What are the benefits of hypnotherapy?
October 15, 2014
Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy FAQ
November 7, 2014

How Clinical Hypnosis can help cure an addiction or bad habit

Correctly applied, clinical hypnosis has been scientifically proven as an effective way to help to stop smoking, gambling, drugs, alcohol and many other embarrassing habits and addictive behaviours. When you recognise, begin to understand and decide to deal with your habit or addiction, you take back control of your health, relationships, career, finances, – your life!

Clinical Hypnosis guides you to a deep trance state where your therapist will use the power of traditional suggestion therapy to assist you in overcoming undesired habits and addictions, emotional disorders, self esteem issues, fears, phobias and obsessions, weight management, eating disorders and sleep disorders.

This form of hypnosis does not require the client to search for their own solutions, rather it is an embedding of pre-agreed, positive and repetitive suggestions which will strengthen your ego and motivate you toward your desired change.

Please note clinical hypnosis is an adjunct to medical treatment for some chemical addictions, emotional, eating and sleep disorders.