January 19, 2021
How much to…?
February 7, 2021

Energy Audit

It’s February and Summer is slowly but surely ebbing away.  The high energy wave leading up to Christmas, continuing through New Year, has crested and we are surfing down the other side and now leveling out.

Maybe you’re even feeling a little flat as you slip back into the well-worn groove of daily life?  This would make it a great time to do a quick audit of your energy so you can move forward into 2021 with enduring good health and vitality!

To do this, grab a piece of paper, and divide it into three columns.  On the middle column, add the title ‘Present’ and in the right-hand column, add the title ‘Future’.  Going down the page, in the left-hand column, add whatever is relevant for you from the following titles:

  • Significant Other (husband/wife, partner, etc)
  • Children
  • Family (parents, siblings, extended family)
  • Work/Career
  • Study
  • Hobbies/Pursuits
  • Social Life
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Survival (domestic duties, bill paying, food shopping, laundry, etc)
  • Pets (if significant in your life)
  • Other
  • Reserve (This category is not negotiable and refers to the energy you have left over for unexpected circumstances.)

Now I like to use blueberries, but there is no judgement here, so if you want to grab a packet of Tic Tacs or M&Ms, or similar, that’s up to you.  (They will be your reward once you’re done.)

If you have listed 7 categories, take 12 berries, if you have 9 categories, take 15 berries, or if you have 12 categories, use 18 berries.

These berries represent your available energy.  Place them against the categories according to how much energy you are expending in that area of your life right now.  In the areas where you are expending the most energy, put more berries, in areas where you are spending less energy, put less berries.  If you are presently not investing your energy in a category, do not place any berries.

It’s important that you answer according to your energy expenditure right now.  Not in the past.

Add up the berries in each category and write this down in the ‘Present’ column.

Being totally honest with yourself, decide if your energy expenditure is balanced, or are some areas getting more than their fair share, at the expense of others.  If categories are empty, is this ok?  Do you have anything in Reserve?  Is the energy being spent in each category positive or negative?  Are you happy with the amount of energy you are giving to each area of your life?  If you are not, redistribute the berries in the future column and write down the tally.  Be sure to place at least one berry in the Reserve space.

Chances are if you’ve done this exercise, letting it flow without second-guessing or judging yourself, there is room for improvement.  So now consider and write down some specific actions (where, what, how and when, with timeframes) you can take to create your more balanced future, because getting clear on what it is you don’t want is just as important as getting clear on what you do want.

There!  You have a great visual of the current state of your life.  It makes sense to get rid of, or minimise, the energy draining activities and to redirect your energy to sustain your good health and vitality balance.

It’s amazing how your life changes when you stop spending so much of your energy on things that no longer nourish you.  Speaking of nourishment – it’s time to eat those berries!


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