We have more than 50 combined years working with complex human issues
  • Peter S, New South Wales
    Had a hypnotherapy session with Lee, went into it not sure if it would work on me. But I was very pleasantly surprised I was put under very quickly and afterwards instantly felt so much happier brighter and lighter. So glad I did it and would very much go again! It's a very clean and friendly building the room they work in is very comforting and welcoming and smells amazing! Very knowledgeable if you are curious and want to have hypnotherapy done you are in very safe hands I highly recommend Whispered Wisdom!
    Peter S, New South Wales
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  • Melissa W, New South Wales
    I would highly recommend this business. I felt amazing after seeing Lee professionally. She makes you feel comfortable right from the start with her friendly, caring personality and professionalism. I now feel more relaxed, less stressed and positive. I can already see changes from one session. Thanks Lee. xx
    Melissa W, New South Wales
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  • Karen K, New South Wales
    Hi Kieren and Lee, I would just like to thank you for my session yesterday. Although I was very excited about it I think my nerves kicked in and tried to take over.  Kieren was who worked with me yesterday. He made me feel very comfortable and explained the whole process. My session took me back to a traumatic event from my childhood. It was emotional at times but not distressing. I also got to feel an amazing love and joy with visions of my husband and children. Whilst I know I still have work to do and am so looking forward to my next session, I just really want to thank Kieren and Lee. I would highly recommend Kieren and Lee to anyone.
    Karen K, New South Wales
  • Tim P, Victoria
    Dear Lee and Kieren, It is with great pleasure I offer a testimony outlining the calibre of your work.  I have had the pleasure of having a session with both of you and found that it was extremely professional.  Not only do you both have a very caring attitude, but your questioning skills I think clearly set you apart.  I would certainly recommend your services to anyone looking for a professional caring approach.  Best of luck to both of you and keep up the great work.
    Tim P, Victoria
  • Tim O, Victoria
    I have studied in various courses with Lee and Kieren. I have been hypnotised by them numerous times and can say without any reservation whatsoever, that they are fantastic at what they do. If you are in their area and thinking of having hypnosis, try it you will enjoy the results.
    Tim O, Victoria
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  • Sheena M, New South Wales
    Before being hypnotised my life was in a real mess. I was very anxious & out of control. I had changed the person I use to be & had become a real mess. Being hypnotised has changed my life it has honestly been the best experience & made me a better person. I am no longer highly strung or go into horrible rages from being so anxious. I want to thank Kieren for saving my life what you do is honestly amazing! Thank you
    Sheena M, New South Wales
  • Gertie D, New South Wales
    I took my 9 year old son with severe anxiety issues and low self esteem with learning into see Lee and she was amazing with him and very calming for him and on the way home he said he felt really happy and free like riding a motorbike with no helmet and wants to go back to see her again because she was so nice.
    Gertie D, New South Wales
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