Spiritual Hypnosis

As energetic beings, we carry our experiences in our energy fields, and store them within the subconscious mind.


Hypnoenergetics®, a regression based therapy, empowers the client to self-explore and direct their own healing, using trusted hypnotherapy methods, extended out in a weave across the four dimensions. Within the context of energy, the potential for healing is further enhanced.

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Spirit Attachment and Invasive Energy Work

Since human history began, the existence of discarnate spirits has been acknowledged. Shamans from the Neolithic period were known to drive spirits out of places and people to cure physical and mental illness and many modern religions also describe these phenomena.

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Spirit attachment

Past Life Regression

If you choose to adventure into your past lives, a deep trance state will guide you to connect with your higher wisdom, or immortal essence, leading to a deeper understanding of yourself in your current life. Whilst in this state, connections and contracts made with those present in your life today may be uncovered, providing powerful learning opportunities.

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