Hypnoenergetics® empowers the client to self-explore and direct their own healing


Our greatest fears and deepest potential are considered the great paradox of the human condition. As energetic beings, we carry our experiences in our energy fields, and store them within the subconscious mind.

Hypnoenergetics®, a regression based therapy, empowers the client to self-explore and direct their own healing, using trusted hypnotherapy methods, extended out in a weave across the four dimensions.

Within the context of energy, the potential for healing is further enhanced.

The four dimensions of the human condition are:

Physical Presence:

Body, intellect, and temperament, linked with the conscious mind.
Representing the person.

Emotional Landscape:

Events, feelings and beliefs, linked to the sub-conscious.
Representing the power.

Energy Field:

Earth, divine and heart energies, linked to the collective unconscious.
Representing the path.

Spiritual Being:

Higher wisdom, soul purpose, immortal essence, linked to the super-conscious. Representing the purpose.