Emotional Disorders

Emotional disorders includes stress management, grief and loss, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, anger management, fear, phobias, obsessions and post-traumatic stress.

Emotional Disorders

The spectrum of emotional disorders includes stress management, grief and loss, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, anger management, fear, phobias, obsessions and post-traumatic stress. At the base level, scientific research now proves our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings create our behaviour and our behaviour reinforces our thoughts.

If you are suffering with an emotional disorder, our hypnotherapeutic techniques offer relief by helping you to interrupt the thought-feeling-behaviour cycle, which alleviates symptoms and allows you to regain control over your emotional health.

Self Esteem Issues

Low self-esteem is a negative overall opinion of yourself, judging yourself harshly and generally placing a negative value on your worth as a person. It adversely affects almost every aspect of your life including your relationships, school, work and health.

If you live with low self-esteem you are more likely to experience social anxiety, loss of motivation, and fear of failure, which in the extreme can lead to depression, isolation, and despair.

How does hypnotherapy for low self-esteem work?

Your low self-esteem can form in childhood, adolescence, or later life, leading to the development of repetitive, damaging thought patterns, resulting in unhelpful behaviours, which culminate in a flawed core belief system. Each time you feel vulnerable, this pattern of thoughts, behaviours and emotions repeats, consequently maintaining your low self-esteem.

If you self-sabotage, procrastinate, give up on your goals, or engage in negative self-talk, our clinical hypnosis is an effective way to break those patterns and help you rebuild your overall wellbeing, bringing you a sense of positive self-worth and self-acceptance. Hypnotherapy lets you to peel away those past destructive layers of doubt and insecurity, and encourages you to rebuild strong, balanced, healthy patterns.

If you’ve ever imagined a balanced life where you truly feel happy, relaxed and in control, secure and worthwhile, where you are positive, confident and assertive in your relationships, with increased resilience, you can achieve it.

Addressing low self-esteem often removes barriers to achieving other goals too, such as weight loss, quitting smoking, responsible drinking, etc.

Anxiety and Depression

There are around 3 million Australians living with anxiety and/or depression and there is an abundance of information readily available describing the spectrum of anxiety disorders and their symptoms. For those interested, I can recommend www.blackdoginstitute.org.au or www.beyondblue.org.au as great places to start understanding these often debilitating conditions.

Fears, Phobias and Obsessions

Just about everyone has some form of fear, phobia or obsession, such as a fear of spiders or heights. Fears, phobias and obsessions can manifest as mildly stressful, but manageable, to being a profoundly debilitating experience for the sufferer.

If you are tired of going to great lengths to avoid your fear and want to live an anxiety free comfortable life, let our clinical hypnosis be of assistance.

Before Hypnotherapy commences

There is, without exception, a discussion with all of our clients surrounding proper diagnosis and their treatment regime history. We recommend clients first discuss hypnotherapy as an option with their GP, Psychologist and where appropriate their Psychiatrist, and we also ask for a referral, or obtain permission to discuss their case with their medical team, where appropriate.

We do this because hypnotherapy is an adjunctive treatment option.

Frequently, our clients are disillusioned with their conventional treatment and feel as if their recovery has stalled, and sometimes they want to stop taking medication. In all cases, we advise clients to make any changes to their treatment plan in consultation with their treating medical providers.

We do not offer medical advice – ever. We offer advice regarding hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

Emotional Disorders Program 1


We recommend clients commence with:

  • 3 sessions of hypnosis
  • each session one hour duration
  • conducted over 3 consecutive weeks

Emotional Disorders Program 2


For clients desiring to continue treatment, you may transition to:

  • 6 sessions of hypnosis
  • each session one hour duration
  • conducted over 6 consecutive weeks
  • includes a $50 discount

*Conditions apply
  • The package expires 3 months after date of purchase.
  • Payment for half of the program must be made to confirm your booking.
  • Service fee is forfeit for non-attendance or cancellation without 24 hours notice.
  • Whispered Wisdom Hypnotherapy reserves the right to remove you from the program at any time. A pro-rata refund will be issued less any discount offered.
Prior to Attendance:
  • Discuss with your GP or other medical team, hypnotherapy as an adjunctive treatment option.
  • Obtain a referral, where appropriate.
  • Give written consent to us to contact your medical providers, where appropriate.
Hypnotherapeutic Technique

The techniques we engage are individually selected for each client based on our years of experience and their unique situation. In cases of anxiety and depression we do not use regressive techniques which cause clients to re-live traumatic memories. Rather, our preferred techniques involve deep relaxation and the delivery of a private, safe, and comfortable method of working towards resolving behaviours, feelings and symptoms in a way that best suits them.


Initially, clients report a feeling of peace and relaxation they have not experienced in a long time. From a therapist’s perspective, clients emerging from trance display a glowing complexion, an ability to breathe more fully and a sense of hopefulness, in contrast to their arrival, often with a pale complexion, and hunched appearance.

The experience of anxiety and/or depression is different for everyone, so results will vary depending on factors including the severity of the condition and the client’s motivation to get well. Like any therapy for anxiety and depression there is no ‘miraculous cure’ or ‘quick fix’ offered by hypnotherapy.

We encourage all of our clients to persist in taking, those sometimes small, and incremental steps back to a state of wellbeing. Where disillusioned with any treatment we insist clients discuss these concerns with their medical staff and only make changes under proper supervision.

We are always available to liaise with treating medical professionals as appropriate. Our aim is to complement existing treatment plans and to assist in restoring our clients to their optimum health.